Think before you cast your vote!

Waning splendor of this nation and the basking aspirations of the youth of this great country has embarked upon all of us, as citizens of a great nation, our very own destiny hinges upon which one we elect to follow.

Be your own “Judge” let us not get carried away by the conduit of public perception and blistering media inkling. Fate of this realm lies in your hands, it is you who can change it for better Or make it worse. My intention is not to influence your verdict on who to vote, but my request to my country men and women is “Please Think before You Vote”.

India has been divided by malevolent politicians, who preach goodness and follow horrendous tactics to retain power, my simple question to you all is. Do you want to be victim of these sadistic people who, do not care for a country but care for their very own existence?

It is time for you to know the power of your vote, It has the power to influence the very existence of this country and generations to come. Give your offspring’s a chance to have a better future and not linger on in a tattered world.

Might be this article might want you to think about the co-existence of regional parties. By way of supporting regional parties for a national election, we are providing then a chance to flex their muscles during  crucial time when decisions are to be taken in a time bound manner . They use this as an excuse in arm twisting tactics and bend laws to suit their personal needs.

My request to all of you is. Please differentiate between National level and State Level politics. Regional parties are good for a state and not for a Country. The past incidents throw enough and more light on what was happening in India for the past one decade, the government at the center was reeling under the law of “Collation Dharma”. This collation dharma has reduced India to a pathetic state in the world arena and also paved way for politicians to loot at their own will.

Now it is time for you to be decisive on the action that you are about to take in a few months time and let that not be a decision, which was taken by a flip of coin. I hope my sincere thoughts , help at-least a handful of people to cast their vote based on merit and based on the future of our country. Jai Hind


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