Who should you Vote in 2014 LS Elections – India

Why should you refrain from supporting Aam Aadami!

Why do Corporate’s recruit based on merit and experience?

Will you expect a person, without any experience determines your fate?

Will a greenhorn deliver under strain?

Can you survive in shark-infested water without provision?

If your answer is “NO” to the above questions, than it is NOT THE TIME TO SUPPORT AAP.   Why should you refrain from supporting AAP!

India at present is under tremendous stress from all quarters. Our economy is in doldrums; our foreign policy is at its lowest ebb. Terrorism is unfolding its wings; Kashmir remains a sticky wicket with the politicians on a diverse ground.

With all this would, a novice like Arvind Kejriwal be up to the nations expectations. We as people of this great country need to stand up united and fight for our dignity and sustainability, we cannot be gambling on the larger issue of “Who to Vote”. We need to ensure that our personal choices are set aside. Political arena of India provides three alternatives to its voters, let us look at those three options and come up with a decisive conclusion.

Option 1:

Support Congress: – If Congress comes back to power, repercussions are far more serious. Past 10 years of congress rule has been the most disastrous period for India after its independence. Corruption was rampant and in the name of collation dharma, our prime minister was a sitting lame duck.

Mr.Singh has lost the confidence of the people of India. He has proved to be a significant failure. The general perception is that, Mrs.Gandhi has used the good will of our PM to tarnish the Image of India in the world arena. Forbes has categorized her as one of the richest politicians; she started her career as a waiter and now has grown to be one of the richest people. It is for the reader to understand, from where she has gotten all this (Ill-gotten) wealth.

Under the name of coalition dharma, our prime minister had given a free hand to his collation partners. This should be a revelation for all of that “Collation Politics” would doom India.

My Final Say on Congress is: It is the Worst Political Party and Corruption is its main agenda.

Option 2:

Aam Aadmi Party:

They are new to the political spectrum; they lack the experience to handle difficult situations and its members are yet to demonstrate their ability.

With such a scenario, India cannot afford to gamble its fate with a novice like AAP. India at present needs an able leader, who has proved to be a success and who has demonstrated his leadership qualities at various situations.

My Final Say on AAP: They are not dependable administrators and they lack the metal to run a country.

Option 3:


A party with no dynasty politics, a party of a common man, a party that has leaders who have stood out as Dependable. It is none other than Bharatiya Janata Party.

BJP under the able leadership of Shri.Narendra Modi is the best person to take India forward, he has been a success in all aspects, he is a Mr. Clean and has propelled his state to be one of the best in the world. He has been the most efficient leader of the 21st century.

My Say: It is BJP that needs to come to power and It is BJP that can save the country from disaster.

Please set aside your reservations support Shri.Modi and let us have him at the helm.Image


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