Winking in the face of the Devil !

“In every person, there is a doer and a devil. With every passing days, the doer dies and a devil has to rise.” This is what the people of Delhi are starting to realize after seeing the good side of AAP before the elections. However, today the same people are seeing the devil at is best.

Delhi has fallen prey to the anarchists who, it believed to be its savior. Delhi is under siege, not by an enemy force but by its own elected representatives, Delhi is under lawlessness, not by the hooligans but by its own band of ministers.

Did people of Delhi vote for such an occasion, were the people of Delhi fooled by a self-proclaimed Gandhian. It is for the people of Delhi to answer this question. They say the custodians of the law to break the law, they openly threaten to spit on the opposition party, and they openly call people PIMPS. It is the first time after independence that we get to see such acts of disorderliness.

AAP instead of protecting women, they manhandle women.

AAP instead of respecting women, Kumar Vishwas makes sexiest comments on Kerala Women.

AAP Law Minister, who is supposed to be the guardian of law, asks the custodian of law to break it.

AAP instead of respecting the judiciary, they call it a mockery.

What more are we to expect from such a bunch of jokers, should we not teach them a lesson, and throw them out.

People had given them a chance to clean the system, but they failed to do so by messing up the entire system.

India needs to be more careful before electing such people.


3 responses to “Winking in the face of the Devil !

  1. Dear Sri Ramesh

    Very good analysing about anti indian people believed by Foolish educated Delhites. They deserve this because just blindfolded voted to them.

    Please continue to write and share in all possible Social medias.

    With regards

    Sent from my iPad.

    Umapathy K


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