Delhi under siege by Anarchists !

Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely. Not only has the power corrupted the AAP stalwarts, but also it has turned them to be an anarchist. The incidents that happened in Delhi over the past two days have left a sense of bitter feeling in the minds of the people.

AAP Anarchist

AAP Anarchist

The drama staged by Arvind Kejriwal and his bunch of lawless ministers was a flop show. Politically speaking it was a victory for the COP, who denied acting on the senseless verbal order given by a minister. Who knew nothing about the constitution of India and the laws that govern them?

The outcome of the AAP drama was a victory for the police and not Arvind & Co. The SHO who had the guts to tell the minister to take a walk is the real winner. As a good will gesture, the government of India has given him 3 days paid leave for doing his duty in a sensible manner.

It would be better for the Delhi law minister to take a crash course on law before issuing UN-constitutional orders. The Delhi law minister being a lawyer himself is ignorant of the law that govern the state and the police. I pity the people of Delhi for having such a person as their law minister.

When India is facing the heat on atrocities committed against women, a dare devil from AAP in the form of Kumar Vishwas has the guts to mock and make sexist remarks on nurses from Kerala. How can we trust such people to safeguard the women folk of our country?

 Better late than never, we need to introspect and ensure that we do not elect such people in future, they would not be our saviors but they would turn out to be the destroyer. Let us not run with the hare and hunt with the hounds, a lesson once learnt is a lesson well learnt for all of us.


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