JJ: Judgement Jayalalithaa

Ramesh BJP Tamil Nadu

Ramesh BJP Tamil Nadu

India has seen a landmark judgement after 18 years of prolonged case in the Jayalalitha Misappropriate Asset Case. Though some call it a delayed but a fair judgement, on my part I tend to contradict in my views. Why convict a criminal after 18 years, when she had enjoyed all pleasures of life and is in the fag end of her active career, what purpose these solve.

In my opinion all cases against public servants who swindle public money and people who indulge in national espionage should be dealt with an IRON FIST and the cases against those individuals should be fast tracked and be completed within a span of 1 to 2 years.

Ramesh BJP Tamil Nadu

Ramesh BJP Tamil Nadu

Politicians use their money power and muscle power to steer clear and make a mockery of the law that governs the land. As an elected representative they are obliged to be setting good examples and not use their power to swindle public exchequer.

The next big change that is the need of the hour is. Indian law should be amended so as to deny parole or bail for people who loot and involve themselves in national espionage. They are nothing but national shame and hence they should never be given a chance to contest elections or hold any public office. When such stringent actions are imposed on these crooks, I am sure there might be a decline in corruption and better governance would prevail.

It was disgusting to look at the AIADMK party workers rallying behind a culprit, who was convicted for looting. Should they not feel ashamed rather than indulge in ruckus and be of public nuisance. These people who indulge in these activities are not people who are sincerely concerned about their leader’s conviction but they use this opportunity to show their leader that they care for her and by doing so they try to grab attention of their leader.


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