Terror Group Highhandedness & Bungled Pakistan

If there is one nation that nurse’s and foster’s terrorism, it is none other than “Pakistan”. It is a nation that is plagued with “Madrasas” which has a curriculum that caters to Hate, Bomb Making and use of weapons. These Madrasas are run by “Islamic Terror Groups” and religious fanatics, who are promoted and trained by the Pakistani Rogue Army.

Ramesh BJP

Terrorism has ruined Pakistan and the people face the heat. Ramesh BJP

On the other hand Pakistani Army depends on these terror groups to strengthen its hold on the civilian government. Pakistan is very much aware of the power and prowess of the Indian Military might .

The world outlook on Pakistan is nothing but a “Terror Nation” that supports terrorism. It is the people of Pakistan, who suffer with the misadventures of both Pakistani Army and the Muslim Clerics. They are not in a position to oppose them and they are not in a position to avoid them. This has resulted in dwindling economy and low level of life for Pakistanis.


Pakistan should understand that India would never ever let go off Kashmir and hence it would be better for them to stay away from this issue. On the other hand using Kashmir as a prelude, Pakistan uses this to infiltrate their trained Terrorists into India. Though India has been successful in battling these misadventures of Pakistan, If these activities by Pakistanis continue. Than India would initiate the unthinkable that would be devastating for Pakistan.


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