How Muslim Community Were Duped !

We are Proud Indians. We respect all religions, faith and beliefs.

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Ramesh BJP Tamil Nadu

Ramesh BJP Taml Nadu

Ramesh BJP

Today the world at large thinks that all “Muslims” are supporters of “Terrorists & Terror Groups”. This perception seems to be partially “TRUE” because majority of Muslim leaders have inside connections with terror outfits and they thrive on the money provided by these terror outfits. Young & Innocent Muslims are not in a position to voice their displeasure or revolt due to the thought of being labelled as “Ant-Muslim” and face the wrath of the foolish religious heads.

As a matter of fact let us take a few Indian Muslims, who have donned and forced their way as “leaders” by their own choice.

Syed Ali Shah Geelani: What was his contribution towards the welfare of Muslims in J&K, why is Pakistan so concerned about having talks with this “Moron”. Is there one good deed that he had done and is there one reason for us to engrave his name? The answer is “NONE”.

Yasin Malik: A self proclaimed leader, who dares to challenge all the good deeds by the central government and this Moron and his group of thugs were responsible for throwing stones at the military helicopter during the J&K floods. This “Rogue” was desperate to see his Muslim brothers and sisters suffer a humiliating death caused by hunger and flood epidemic. Unfortunately his plan did not succeed, as the Indian Army was in full control over the grave situation.

Akbaruddin Owaisi: This person has the knack and art of fooling people. He managed to win the LS elections in Chandrayangutta constituency for 4 consecutive terms from 1999 to 2014. Has he done anything for his constituency apart from giving hate speeches and projecting himself as a “Robin Hood” trying to save Muslims? In fact reality is quite different, he does things to earn a name for himself and deprives the innocent Muslims, a fair chance to explore the better side of life.

Apart from all these above self cantered characters, there are more who have donned the attire of Muslim Cleric and preach the worst form of hatred to young innocent Muslim Youth.

Most of these so called and self proclaimed clerics in spite of preaching hatred, people started seeing double speak in their tone, this is when they started instilling confidence in BJP. Once Shri.Modi took over as the PM of this great nation, their assumptions about him and his actions were in stark contrast. They came to know that this was a noble man and his actions were not against them but it was in favour of their wellbeing and safety.

Now Muslim friends who are against any form of “Terrorism” are strong followers of BJP, they have started enrolling themselves in the mainstream politics of BJP. They have started criticizing the self cantered Muslim clerics and other leaders, who were misleading them for a long long time.

As True Indians. We would stand united to fight against evil in any form and color.



2 responses to “How Muslim Community Were Duped !

  1. Whatever you told is very much true, poor Muslims never benefitted under this fanatics. That too Ovisi is no.1 Rogue duper of his own community.

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