Best International School in Erode

International School in India are growing day by day and very few of them are truly of International Standards. In this blog, I would like to briefly share my visit to PSK International School at Andhiyur in Erode District Tamil Nadu.
I was asked to organise a workshop for a group of teachers from PSK, at first I had the common perception about the quality of teachers and planned to present an exhaustive intense session from the beginning and prepared a module based on my perception.
The D day arrived and there I was, interacting with a group of teachers, as the session progressed I was dumb struck with the quality of teachers that I was interacting with. They were class apart and each of them had different qualities that were unique and blended.
My session was tailored for a four hour session, amazingly the session went on for 9 hours.
I was thrilled with the participation and the session was highly successful for all of us.
The synopsis of the session were:
Class Room Management
Student Participation
Team Activity
Sharing of Best Practice’s
Performance Identification
How to improve student performance.
After the session I wholeheartedly appreciated them for their participation.



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