Time to “THINK” Time to “VOTE”

Elections are around the corner in Tamil Nadu and all the political party offices are abuzz with a flurry of activities that include scouting for a perfect candidate who can spend crores and crores for rupees to win the election.

Tamil Nadu BJP Ramesh

Tamil Nadu BJP Ramesh

Not only they are screening candidates but they are also involved in preparing a manifesto that promises things that are impossible, whilst some political parties are bargaining hard with smaller parties and organizations to join them in their crusade to bulldoze the opponent and come to power.

As a duty bound citizen, it is our duty to not fall for all the tall promises that these people make, but it is for us to scrutinize the candidates representing our constituency. In order to do so, here is a check list for you to select the deserving candidate rather than choosing a candidate by compulsion.

Is the candidate an educated person?

What has he contributed to the constituency as a person?

Does he have any criminal cases filed against him?


Does he belong to your constituency?

Is he the best choice among

Tamil Nadu BJP Ramesh

Tamil Nadu BJP Ramesh

the rest of the group?

These are a few common denominators to assess from a candidate, who strives to represent us in the assembly. If all of us follow the pattern of selecting candidates by these denominators, than I am sure we would have a better quality of people representing us.

Think Wise.. Vote Wisely.

Tamil Nadu BJP Ramesh

Tamil Nadu BJP Ramesh


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